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The heart of my work is supporting racial equity at the intersections of educational, environmental, and economic justice.


I enjoy bringing bold visions to life. Whether it be plotting organizational strategy, organizing a detailed grant proposal, streamlining processes, or converting ideas to visuals, I have a knack for taking what feels big – even chaotic – and making it clear and compelling.

Over the past decade, I have served as an in-house grant writer, capacity strategist, and consultant for a variety for social justice efforts, including: racial justice, anti-trafficking, animal welfare, elder care, health, housing, arts, and international development.

I am passionate about supporting and organizing alongside young people, and am grateful for my beloved organizing family at One Love Global. I also support student leaders through the social justice group Bay Bridge and serve on the board of Leaders Igniting Transformation.


I am an Advanced Practice Social Worker in Wisconsin and trained in mediation at the Social Justice Mediation Institute in Amherst, MA. I earned my Master of Social Work at the University of Michigan with a focus on Afrocentric social work and community organizing. I earned my B.A. in English and religious studies at Lawrence University. I currently live in Milwaukee.

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